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Dr. Green was born in New Orleans, L.A., has been active in ministries at Brooks Methodist (LA), Spotswood Baptist (VA), and St. George’s Episcopal (VA). A born-again Christian, Green is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha National Fraternity and Epsilon Delta Sigma Management Honor Society. He has a Master’s and Doctorate in public administration & policy, University of New Orleans (UNO) and Nova Southeastern University (NSU). He taught and conducted social science research for nearly 25 years at several institutions including George Washington University (GWU) and  Central Michigan University (CMU). He enjoys reading/research, singing, bicycling, and tennis. His favorite sports team is the New England Patriots.

A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions. – Proverbs 18:2

Morality is necessary but not sufficient for religion, but society without morality has no religious sense at all. (Green, 2017)